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About StarToken

What is StarToken?

StarToken, secured by REL-ID, is a next generation secure digital banking app for all your online banking needs. It provides the convenience, security and uniform experience on desktops & laptops. .
  • Available on desktops, laptops.
  • Supported Windows operating systems.
  • Compelling & consistent digital experience.
  • Military grade security through a secure private network (REL-ID Network) protecting you against loss of funds.

Why do I need StarToken?

Through StarToken you can access your Internet Banking services directly. For providing more secured environment for Internet banking facility from cyber-attacks BOIS has launched StarToken.

Is it mandatory to use StarToken to access BOIS Internet Banking? Why?

BOIS has made use of StarToken mandatory to all the customers who uses the online Internet Banking. This is to ensure watertight security of all your confidential data and to protect you from any financial fraud.
Activate your StarToken

How can I download & activate StarToken?

  • If you have been enrolled, then follow the below simple steps to download and activate StarToken.
    • Log in to internet banking through www.boi.com.sg
    • Follow the process flow below the login screen to download the StarToken.

On how many devices StarToken can be activated ?

Their is no device limit.

While downloading StarToken from BOIS internet banking site, I am getting the error message: This file couldn't be downloaded. What do I do?

Please try downloading the file later. If this doesn't help and the error persists, it could be because "Do not save encrypted” pages to disk option in Internet Explorer is selected. Follow instructions in this link to resolve the issue: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2549423

I am connecting to Internet through a proxy, how should I set the proxy settings in StarToken?

  • Open internet explorer
  • Click on tools
  • Select Internet Options
  • Select tab Connections
  • Click on button LAN settings
  • You should be able to see the Proxy Server details such as IP address and port
  • For your Proxy UserID and Password contact your Networks team if you are not aware of the same
  • Please note down the Proxy Settings.
  • Try to access StarToken directly without specifying proxy settings - you will be prompted to provide proxy settings by StarToken.
  • Please enter the proxy settings in this StarToken interface to run StarToken with Internet connection from behind proxy server.

I have deleted/lost the activation credentials SMS from my phone. How do I regenerate the activation credentials?

If you have lost the activation credentials - no worries, you will see the 3rd option Generate Activation Code Again in StarToken. It will send the new Activation Code and Verification Key on your registered mobile number. In case you are not able to receive the SMS on your registered RMN then please Write to ib.sg@bankofindia.co.in or contact to the branch that RMN is correctly registered. You can also call us at +00(65)-65894063/64.

What is the StarToken PIN? Why do I need StarToken PIN?

StarToken PIN is your unique 4 digit Personal Identification Number that you will need to set and remember, in order to log into StarToken for internet banking. You will set the StarToken PIN while activating it for the first time (or after subsequent reset).

Why do I need to create StarToken OTP?

  • When you know that you may need to use StarToken on a different computer and receiving OTP on your registered mobile device is not an option, you need to create StarToken OTP.
  • If you are travelling to a no mobile network location/area where you may not receive SMS on your registered mobile number, you should generate StarToken OTP in advance and carry it with you safely.

OTP not receiving on Registered Mobile Number while activating StarToken on new machine?

  • If you received OTP earlier on the same number then the possible cause could be your mobile may not in network coverage area OR DND could be activated OR Message Box may full.
  • If you never received the OTP on your registered mobile number, then please ensure with the Branch that your mobile number is registered properly.

What is the security question? Is it necessary to remember the secret question and answer that I set for my StarToken?

It's an additional authentication step required when you try to use StarToken from any other personal computer than your registered computer on which you have already activated StarToken. Your secret question and answer should not be shared with anyone.

To log in to BOIS internet banking through StarToken, I am unable to see virtual keyboard

  • Ensure Javascript is enabled in Internet Explorer (IE). To do this follow these steps
    • Go to IE >> Tools >> Internet Options >> Security >> Custom Level
    • Scroll down to the "Scripting" >> Active scripting option
    • Click on "Enable"
Using a different device where StarToken is not Activated?

What do I do when I need to access my internet banking account from a computer where StarToken is not installed or activated?

  • Visit www.boi.com.sg and login to your internet banking account through recommended browser.
  • You will be prompted to Download StarToken
  • Download and Install the StarToken on your Personal Computer that you generally use
  • Locate the Icon of StarToken on Desktop and double click on the same
  • You will be asked to enter the OTP
  • If you have generated StarToken OTP from your active and registered oppersonal computer, then enter the StarToken OTP
  • If not, you will generate Activation code and can receive credentials on your registered mobile device
  • Verify if the OTP ID on StarToken is same as the one received by you as SMS
  • If the OTP ID matches, enter the OTP in the field provided as received through SMS
  • System will prompt you to answer Secret Question & StarToken PIN
  • Upon entering valid answer and StarToken PIN you will be able to see menu "Internet banking"
  • After clicking on "Internet banking" you will be taken to the Internet Banking login page of BOIS with your User ID pre-populated.
  • Enter your Internet Banking Password and continue using your net-banking.

While accessing StarToken from a new device, I am facing an error "Too many additional authentication attempts."

To resolve this issue, please follow the below steps
  1. If you have already activated StarToken on some other machine then, login to the Startoken on already StarToken active machine.
  2. Change the secret Question and Answer.
  3. Try again from new machine.
Note: If the above steps failed then please visit to the nearest branch and submit Startoken Regeneration Request.

While accessing StarToken from a new device, I am facing an error "Your access from new computer has been blocked for security reasons."

This error indicates that the user has attempted to login from a new computer and has provided the wrong security answer and/or OTP. To resolve the issue, the user must login from a previously activated machine and generate a new OTP. The new OTP can then be used to activate StarToken on a new machine. If the user does not have access to the old (previously activated) machine, then please send your request for regeneration of StarToken PIN to ib.sg@bankofindia.co.in.
Having Trouble Using StarToken?

I am getting the message "No such enrollment". What should I do ?

This means the Startoken facility not issued to you. Please send your request for regeneration of StarToken credentials to ib.sg@bankofindia.co.in..

My StarToken is blocked because I entered incorrect StarToken PIN for 4 consecutive times, what do I do now?

  • StarToken will display "Too many wrong PIN attempts. Your access to StarToken has been temporarily suspended. You can reset your StarToken online"
  • Click on Forgot PIN button, choose option “send me OTP via SMS”
  • You will be sent an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • You will be prompted to enter your answer to security question along with the OTP.
  • Verify the OTP ID of StarToken with the OTP ID received on your mobile, enter answer and OTP.

What if I have forgotten my StarToken Secret question and answer?

  • If you have access to personal computer on which your StarToken is active, please login to StarToken and locate the button Secret Questions in the control panel.
  • If you do not have access to your StarToken Active Personal Computer, put a request for regenerating your StarToken Token (User ID) to the Branch. You will receive StarToken activation credentials at your registered mailing address. Use these credentials to activate StarToken the way you did for the first time and continue with your net-banking.

I am not able to connect to StarToken; it says "Check your internet connection" even though I am connected to Internet?

Since the message to check your Internet connection and the one for Proxy settings error are clubbed together, we have to deal with it a little patiently.
  • Are you getting this message after double clicking the StarToken.exe or after providing User ID?
  • If the message appears right after double clicking the StarToken.exe, then please make sure that you are connected to Internet. You may be accessing Internet from behind proxy please make sure that you enter proxy settings in StarToken.
  • If you are connected to Internet, then it may be some temporary issue with ISP or BOIS Network -You should try again after some time.
  • Another possibility is that you may be within Proxy environment. Please enter the Proxy Credentials (IP, PORT, User ID, and Password) and try again.
  • If the message appears after entering User ID, then this could be due to the Antivirus program installed on your computer.
    • You should add StarToken.exe to the exclusion list of the Antivirus/Firewall program installed on your personal computer.
    • You should give StarToken 'Total (Full) access' in the application rules of the Firewall settings of the Antivirus program installed on your personal computer.

I am getting the message, 'Unable to create Secure Desktop'. What does it mean?

It means that you are running too many or a few very heavy applications in the background. Please try by closing some applications. StarToken requires some free memory to perform its own operations.

I am getting the message "Unable to connect to Bank of India servers. Please check your Internet Connection and try again."

This error can occur due to one of the following reasons. Please see below for troubleshooting steps for each.
  • The machine is not connected to the Internet
    • Please check your internet connectivity by typing www.boi.com.sg in your regular browser.
  • The machine is behind a proxy
    • Please check your proxy settings. Ask your administrator for details of the proxy server IP and port as well as a user name/password if required. Once you have entered your proxy settings, check whether IE browser can load www.boi.com.sg
  • The machine has a Firewall or AntiVirus that is blocking the connection
    • You will have to whitelist internet traffic from StarToken application to port 443 in the AnitVirus or Firewall. Since StarToken data is encrypted, the AV/Firewall cannot understand it and may block the connection. Please refer to your AV/Firewall documentation or customer service on how to allow traffic for "unknown protocol" to port 443.
  • The machine is on a LAN which has a firewall which blocks the connection
    • If you do not have a AV/Firewall or have already white listed it, please ask your network administrator whether the office uses a firewall which blocks the traffic. They may have to white list StarToken traffic to BOI G/W server, port 443 for unknown protocol.

Why have I received an OTP on my mobile even though I have not requested for one. What should I do?

OTPs are sent to customers registered mobile phones in case they are attempting to use a new device to login to StarToken or resetting the StarToken PIN. If the user believes they have not requested for an OTP but have yet received one, it may be due to one of the following reasons:
  • Some other user has incorrectly registered your mobile number as theirs.
  • Someone is attempting to use your user id to login to StarToken from their computer. This could either be an unintended error in typing the user id or it may be a fraudster attempting to login to your account. StarToken is designed to protect against such attacks, by requiring the fraudster to provide the OTP sent on your registered mobile to gain access to the accounts. Hence it is important that you do NOT share the OTP sent to you with anyone on the phone, over email or any website.
In both the scenarios, please contact Bank of India by write to ib.sg@bankofindia.co.in. You may also call us : +00(65)-65894063/64.
Contact Customer Care

I have some queries/ suggestions related to StarToken. Who should I contact?

We will be happy to assist you. Please write to ib.sg@bankofindia.co.in. You may also call us at: +00(65)-65894063/64